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Hack your immunity

The immune system is your body's firewall that protects it from infection and disease. The immune system works by recognizing and destroying foreign substances that invade the body in attempts to attack it.

These foreign substances, like bacteria and viruses, are known as antigens and cause an immune response. However, that immune response and how well it functions depends on a variety of environmental and habitual factors.

Here are our best tips to boost your immunity:

  1. Avoid deficiencies of micronutrients

  2. Exercise, get enough sleep and minimize stress

  3. Avoid toxic habits

  4. Consume 4 to 5 servings of fruits daily

  5. Consume ginger, garlic and honey regularly

  6. Consume Grapeseed Oil Extract Soft Gel 2 times a day

How do you take care of this wonderful system that takes care of you? Comment below

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